Dream Chasers To Dream Catchers

Once upon a time….. you and I had dreams of becoming someone or succeeding in what? For some of us and at some point in our lives we came upon a fork in the road and we made a decision that may have detoured us from pursuing a dream.  LIFE happens and dreams become realities or are postponed or maybe they morphed into something else.  Flash forward, with dreams accomplished consisting of faith, family and friends I am now chasing another dream and aspire to catch this dream.  My mantra for this dream chase is:

“Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity”

Everybody has had dreams of success and riches a couple of times during their life. The things people want to do with that success differs between people, but very few often make it to a level where they can actually make those decisions. A young student, Marco Perri, CEO of Scarfity is determined to help others reach their goals, like what he has began to do!

He was asked to explain the mindset of an entrepreneur or as he call them, dream chasers, and some very inspirational advice was shared!

Source: Young Entrepreneur Gives Advice To Dream Chasers

For so many dream chasers a major obstacle is fear. Fear is docile when under control, but if given the chance to infiltrate your mind, it can become a powerful negative wrecking force. It can may you see red flags where they aren’t any. It can make you doubt great ideas. It can make you feel like quitting and worst of all it can make you doubt yourself.

So, following Marco Perri’s advice I am going to put on my armour of determination and get on with catching the dreams that I dream.

Let’s just DO it!

have a blessed and JOYful day everyone xo

~ Margarita

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