House Hunting – Ready, Set …Go??

The time has finally arrived and your dream of owning your own home is becoming a reality. You are at a point in your life that you have decided that renting a place to live is not in our best interest anymore. What you want now is a place you will call home – your home. This home will be a place where you decide … Continue reading House Hunting – Ready, Set …Go??

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Moving On and Moving In

Time seems to go by faster now as I get older and realize I need to slow down and sometimes just stop and appreciate the moment.  I finally understand that a memory does not have to be a perfect “kodak or facebook” moment either. This weekend we helped our oldest daughter move into another home.  She is a young professional with 2 adorable children.  This … Continue reading Moving On and Moving In


It’s not just a Home …. It’s a Dome.

 Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease. R. Buckminster Fuller As a parent you know that besides homework, sports schedules, recitals, Scouts  and other daily activities, there is the inevitable Science Fair that our children must participate in. Abstracts, materials, procedures, research, conclusions were a norm in our home.  With four children, we participated in 60+ science … Continue reading It’s not just a Home …. It’s a Dome.

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What Neuroscience Reveals About Bullying by Educators | Edutopia

Where ever bullying occurs is one place too many…. Educate not to hate. Neuroscientific evidence suggests lasting damage to the brains of teenagers subject to the so-called benefits of “tough love” practiced by educators. Source: What Neuroscience Reveals About Bullying by Educators | Edutopia Continue reading What Neuroscience Reveals About Bullying by Educators | Edutopia


A Glimpse Into The Heart Of A Caregiver

Caregiving comes in many forms.  First it may be for a small pet, babysitting a child,  or taking care of your own children and then one day you are caregiving for your parents.  We can’t stop the hands of time nor control the effects time has on those we love.  We can control how we react to those situations.  Sometimes, well, most times it is not … Continue reading A Glimpse Into The Heart Of A Caregiver


October Gave A Party…

I live on an island by the sea and when the seasons change we normally don’t have the vibrant array of autumn colors that people up north or out west enjoy.   Every now then we get a glimpse of the changes the seasons bring.  Winter hosts a calmness in the air.  Spring has all its new growth.  Summer heat draws us to the ocean. … Continue reading October Gave A Party…


Yes, I Am A Baby Boomer – Now What?

Baby boomers are influencing the housing market as they downsize, trade up and invest in second homes. Where did the time go?   Entering the autumn of one’s life can be a life shifting event to something as exciting as it was when you began that first job after graduating college or the birth of your first child.  Now instead of little league team practices … Continue reading Yes, I Am A Baby Boomer – Now What?


The Gifts of Autumn

Is 60 the new 40?  If so then I am 34! Whoa…… I am in the early chapters of the autumn of my life and with that I am coming into this time of my life with completed chapters behind me.  Stories, experiences and time spent all written on their pages.  This article by Dr. Judith Rich, The Gifts of Autumn is a wonderful perspective for those … Continue reading The Gifts of Autumn